Nomenclature: Kv8.2

Family: Voltage-gated potassium channels

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Gene and Protein Information
Species TM P Loops AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 6 1 545 9p24.2 KCNV2 potassium channel, subfamily V, member 2 2
Mouse 6 1 562 19 C1 Kcnv2 potassium channel, subfamily V, member 2 2
Rat 6 1 561 1q51 Kcnv2 potassium channel, subfamily V, member 2 2
Previous and Unofficial Names
potassium channel, subfamily V, member 2
potassium channel, subfamily V, member 2 (predicted)
potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily V member 2
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Associated Proteins
Heteromeric Pore-forming Subunits
Name References
Kv2 1-3
Auxiliary Subunits
Name References
Not determined
Other Associated Proteins
Name References
Not determined
Ion Selectivity and Conductance Comments
Kv8.2 is not functional on its own.
Tissue Distribution
Pancreas, testis > lung, liver, kidney, spleen, thymus, prostate, ovary
Species:  Human
Technique:  RT-PCR
References:  2
Functional Assays
Molecular clone, electrophysiology, voltage clamp
Species:  Human
Tissue:  Xenopus laevis oocytes
Response measured:  No expression of K+ currents
References:  1-3
Physiological Functions
Regulation of membrane potential and action potential frequency by modulation of delayed rectifier potassium currents. Kv8.2 modulates the activity of Kv2.1channels by causing small changes in activationthreshold and kinetics and in C-type activation.
Species:  Human
Tissue:  Pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMC)
References:  1
Clinically-Relevant Mutations and Pathophysiology
Disease:  Retinal cone dystrophy 3B; RCD3B
OMIM:  610356
Orphanet:  209932
Mutations not determined
Gene Expression and Pathophysiology
A decrease in mRNA transcription.
Tissue or cell type:  Normal pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMC)
Pathophysiology:  Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP's) significantly downregulated ( > 10-fold) KCNV2.
Species:  Human
Technique:  RT-PCR
References:  1
General Comments
Kv8.2 has no function on its own, but it has important modulatory actions on Kv2 channels.


1. Fantozzi I, Platoshyn O, Wong AH, Zhang S, Remillard CV, Furtado MR, Petrauskene OV, Yuan JX. (2006) Bone morphogenetic protein-2 upregulates expression and function of voltage-gated K+ channels in human pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells. Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol.291 (5): L993-1004. [PMID:16815889]

2. Ottschytsch N, Raes A, Van Hoorick D, Snyders DJ. (2002) Obligatory heterotetramerization of three previously uncharacterized Kv channel alpha-subunits identified in the human genome. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.99 (12): 7986-91. [PMID:12060745]

3. Wu H, Cowing JA, Michaelides M, Wilkie SE, Jeffery G, Jenkins SA, Mester V, Bird AC, Robson AG, Holder GE, Moore AT, Hunt DM, Webster AR. (2006) Mutations in the gene KCNV2 encoding a voltage-gated potassium channel subunit cause "cone dystrophy with supernormal rod electroretinogram" in humans. Am. J. Hum. Genet.79 (3): 574-9. [PMID:16909397]

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