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Chemokine receptors: Introduction


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Francoise Bachelerie, Adit Ben-Baruch, Christophe Combadiere, Joshua M. Farber, Gerard J. Graham, Richard Horuk, Massimo Locati, Andrew D. Luster, Alberto Mantovani, Kouji Matsushima, Philip M. Murphy, Robert J. B. Nibbs, Hisayuki Nomiyama, Christine A. Power, Amanda E. I. Proudfoot , Mette M. Rosenkilde, Antal Rot, Silvano Sozzani, Marcus Thelen, Osamu Yoshie, Albert Zlotnik.
Chemokine receptors, introduction. Last modified on 10/07/2013. Accessed on 30/10/2014. IUPHAR database (IUPHAR-DB),

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